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JJ's Grill at the Lake - Rogers, Arkansas

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This is Cecil (AKA Orangey according to the Grands).  He/She lives in the waters of Beaver Lake at Prairie Creek Marina on Beaver Lake.  His/Her main job is to greet the visitors to JJ's Grill on the Lake and to eat ANYTHING that falls in the water.  That might be fish food, or it might be french fries.  Who knows?  The truth is, who really cares.  It's entertainment. BTW, Cecil has a Facebook page.  Be his/her friend.
We love JJ's on the Lake.  Since it is one of only two available eating establishments on Beaver Lake, it gets lots of business.  But the food is good even if the menu is limited. And according to the male friends who regularly dine there, the scenery is attractive as well...if you know what I mean. And if you are male.  Seriously, the wait staff is always friendly and courteous.

My personal favorite for lunch or dinner is the fish tacos...minus the pickle relish.  What goes there?  I also substitute the grilled veggies for the rice and beans.  Hubby usually orders the Chips n All from the appetizer menu (guacamole, cheese dip, salsa).   The cheese dip is typical as is the salsa.  The guacamole is really tasty...chunky with just the right amount of spices.  I'd pass on the wings and cheese fries if I was you.  The chicken strips are quite good...real chicken and all.  Those are served with ranch dressing.  I'd select those for the kiddos rather than the preformed, processed chicken nuggets if I was doing the ordering.

All of the wraps (I especially like the grilled chicken chipotle wrap) and salads that I have tried have been fresh and filling.  One thing about JJ's is that the servings are quite large.

That's why I have trouble with the breakfast menu.  The portions are HUGE!  I just can't go there, but that's not to say that the options are not good.  Apparently they are judging from the number of orders that I see being served.  I'm a biscuits and gravy kind of girl so I order those as a Choose Two option with either sausage or bacon.  I'd love to see them offer an omelet station...or an eggs benedict option (I know...just dreaming).

The marina just underwent a major overhaul so it is fairly easy now to find a slip where you can park your boat.  The restaurant was able to add additional outside seating but very little was done to renovate the interior.  I don't think we have EVER eaten inside.  Why would you want to?

They were granted a liquor permit this year.  Beer is limited to bottled beer, however.  There's usually live music to liven up the evening if you are so inclined.  

We only wish they were open year-round.

And keep in mind that the staff at the marina is super.  They'll be happy to see you even if you come by foot or by auto rather than by boat.

JJ's Grill at the Lake

(479) 925-7280

1 Prairie Creek Marina Dr Map.396a6e9
RogersAR 72756

Food: 3 spoons (out of 5)
Service: 4 spoons
Atmosphere: Casual and friendly
Price:  2
Going back: Yes
Outside seating: nice

Alcohol: Yes

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