Monday, October 24, 2011

Tusk & Trotter- Bentonville, Arkansas

Tusk & Trotter is located just a block off of the Bentonville town square which makes it a wonderful location for those visiting the Wal Mart Museum, Compton Gardens and the soon-to-be opened Crystal Bridges Museum.  The square itself is well worth a visit, especially during the farmers’ market season.
Tusk & Trotter opened this past June, and we were lunch visitors soon after the opening.  We’ve been back several times, but our most recent visit was this past weekend.  Thanks to NWAfoodie and NWArestaurants, we were the recipients of a gift certificate to T & T.  Thanks!

It’s officially known as Tusk & Trotter American Brasserie which adds an air of “mystique” to an area otherwise known for its barbeque and burger joints.  We have not been disappointed in any of our visits, but I will say that our visit this past weekend was not up to par with prior ones.

They are always busy,  Make reservations.  Trust me on this. 

While our service was decent this weekend, the wait staff seemed somewhat harried.  That’s not a good “vibe” to pass on to your guests.  This was not our typical experience, however.  Usually, the service is absolutely top-notch helpful and friendly.  While we were not slighted or misled, the service was just “off.” The are those nights.  It certainly will not stop us from going back.


Hubby and I shared the risotto balls which I highly recommend.  Make sure that you eat the fresh arugula along with the risotto balls.  It’s not just garnish.  It really adds a depth of spiciness to the dish.  Evan though I have had these before, I just couldn’t say no.  Yep, that good.

photo-1Hubby’s grilled Caesar salad was equally pleasing even if on the smallish side.  Perhaps because he was so kind as to share it with me, it seemed even more so.  Not spectacular, but tasty.
For our entrees, Hubby insisted (well, encouraged)  that I order something other than what I have ordered before. Once I find something that I really like, I tend to stick with it.  It was a coolish night perfect for an autumnal dish.  I chose the marinated pork chop with sautéed arugula and root vegetable mash.  The pork chop was topped with a mixed fruit mostarda.  My chop was really big, much more than I could eat.  It was good but more done than I prefer.  I’m one of those people who really prefers my pork, especially loins, on the pink side.  It was my fault for not letting our server know that. 


I just about licked the plate when it came to the root vegetable mash.  Loved it!  I would order a plate of this by itself…and combine it with the sautéed arugula…heaven!

Hubby had the blackened redfish with sautéed arugula and roasted potatoes.  While he gave it a big thumbs up, it exceeded my salt likeability.  Saltiness was an issue for me when I ordered the seafood risotto on an earlier visit.  Overall the taste was good, but since I have virtually eliminated extra-added salt from my diet, I suppose I am overly sensitive to it.  Hubby, on the other hand, salts his salt.  Know what I mean?


We passed on dessert this time but our favorites have to be the lemon tart and the crème brulee.  Excellent choices.

I’m anxious to get there for brunch.  The menu sounds terrific.  I mean what’s not to love about lemon soufflé pancakes or carrot cake waffles?

We will certainly return.  We love the atmosphere that is a mixture of all things brasserie.   I  especially like that they choose to use locally sourced vendors for many of their offerings.  I’ll definitely support any  restaurant choosing to do that over one that does not.

 Dinner Menu
Lunch Menu

Brunch Menu

Dessert Menu

Tusk and Trotter
110 SE A Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712

Food: 3 spoons (out of 5)
Service: 3 spoons
Atmosphere: Casual and friendly
Price: 4
Going back: Yes
Outside seating: not really

Alcohol: Yes

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  1. Good tips! I definitely will try the risotto balls the next time I am there. And brunch? Who knew?! I didn't know about it and now I will have to try it out. :)

    My experience was the same as your latest visit to T&T. Our waitress was all over the place and hyper stressed. It was hard to relax.

    I'm glad you were able to use the tickets and thanks to a great site for 50% off tickets to many awesome area restaurants!

    Keep the reviews coming!