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The Station Café–Bentonville, AR

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I once paid $19 for a McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese in Lucerne, Switzerland.  It was the best burger I had ever eaten at the time.  I’m still on the quest to find the absolute best burger anywhere.

The Station Café on the Square in Bentonville, AR makes a mighty fine steak burger…and they grill the onions.  Not everyone will do that unfortunately.  If they won’t, that burger place is off my list for sure.  While I won’t go so far as to say that The Station makes the best burger ever, I can tell you that they do make very good ones.   Come with big appetite because these are BIG burgers.

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We had the Perfect Ones with us today on  a breathtakingly beautiful day in NWA when we decided to make a visit  to the Bentonville Farmers’ Market on the Square.  It’s getting close to the end of the season, but the vitality of the market is still present.

We chose to eat at The Station Café because it caters to kids and families, and we were burger hungry.  This was also Blues, Bikes and Barbecue time in the area when hundreds of thousands of bikers descend upon the area.  Finding a place to eat can sometimes be a problem during those four days.

We were able to secure an outside table --- they earn extra points for me for that.  Hubby went inside to place our orders while I waited outside with the babies.  You have to go inside to order, but the waitresses will deliver your food outside.

The kiddos both chose the kids' chicken tenders that came with fries ($5.90).  I asked for a fruit substitution for one of the fries orders and was accommodated with some pieces of cantaloupe.  They apologized for not having anything else.  Fortunately, it was goodSmile.

Hubby and I have eaten at The Station on other occasions both for breakfast and lunch.  The biscuit and gravy ($1.95) was decent, but Hubby’s blueberry pancake short stack was quite good ($3.60).  The omelets that  I saw others having were huge!  I haven’t tried them myself, but I can say that they looked delicious.

They do have an online menu--- another plus.  The crushed ice earns them additional brownie points for me.

I’ve heard that it is a packed house at lunch during the week.  Since we are seldom in the area except on the weekends, I can’t testify to that.

It’s diner food, but it’s tasty.  Take time to check out the Walton Museum that is next door. 

The Station Cafe Inc
111 N. Main St
Bentonville, Ar 72712
(479) 273-0553

Food: 3 spoons (out of 5)
Service: 3 spoons
Atmosphere: Casual and friendly
Price: 2
Going back: Yes
Outside seating: yes

Alcohol: no

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