Monday, September 19, 2011

Lucy's Diner - Rogers, Arkansas

We were eager for Lucy’s Diner to open in the old Hi-d-Ho location on Walnut Street in Rogers not only because we hate to see vacant locations, but there is a real lack of restaurants on that side of town.  It was standing room only there for several of our first attempts to give it a try.  That’s usually a good sign – that and the three pickup and one Cadillac rule that Arkansas writer Richard Allin used to judge whether a restaurant had potential.  There were plenty of pickups and some Cadillacs to boot!

Since we are typically weekenders in the area, it took a bit before we finally got in for a meal.  Hubby and I are always on a quest for the world’s best cheeseburger, so we just had to give those a shot.  He’s a bacon-cheeseburger, grilled onions, mustard, no mayo type; me –I’m a Cheddar cheeseburger ($4.49) with grilled onions, no mayo, mustard only gal.  Hubby got his as a basket ($5.49) which included fries that we shared.   Neither disappointed, but I’m not ready to award them “World’s Best” by any means.
Our next visit was this weekend on Sunday for a late breakfast. while we were out for our morning walk  This is probably where Lucy’s is a step above many others in the area.  I ordered one biscuit with gravy($1.99) which is my other “standard measurement” of goodness. I also ordered a  side of bacon ($2.49).  Hubby had one scrambled egg with country ham and a biscuit with gravy ($3.99).

The biscuits were light and fluffy and the gravy decent, not great.  The gravy did not taste like it was from a mix, but it certainly wasn’t as good as mine.  But, hey, I wasn’t cooking it!  My bacon (five slices!) was somewhat limp; I prefer mine really crisp and should have asked for it that way.  Hubby’s egg…well, it was one scrambled egg, ya’ know.  His ham was really tasty, so I would recommend it over the bacon. 

The place was packed.  I think it must usually be that way at breakfast.  You can’t complain about the prices.  This is a cheap date place.  The décor is diner cute and the place is clean and the staff friendly but somewhat harried because of the crowds.  Since we were there on Sunday morning when nothing else around the area was open, we were pleased that our wait wasn’t exceptionally long.

Lucy’s Ultimate Breakfast ($6.49) offers three eggs and hashbrowns and your choice of country ham, 4 bacon strips or 3 sausage patties.  In addition, you can get your choice of toast or biscuit and gravy.  It’s a gigantic breakfast fit for a farmer which I’m not. 

The portions are huge.  I saw one order of hashbrowns that could have easily fed four or five in our family.  They did look appetizing, however. 

I’m pretty sure I will give the Veggie Omelette ($5.99) a try at some point.  I prefer all-white omelettes, and I’m not sure that Lucy’s offers that.  I will ask.

All in all, it fills a gap in the food options on the north side.  The prices are extremely fair, the food is decent and the service is friendly.  Romantic?  Not exactly.  It’s certainly worth a try.

The menu is available online.  There are daily specials listed on the menu; I would be interested in how those are.  There’s a location in Fort Smith on Towson Avenue if you are in that area.
(479) 230-5829
511 W. Walnut St.
Rogers, AR 72756

Food: 2 spoons(out of 5)
Service: 3 spoons
Atmosphere: Classic diner
Price: 4
Going back: Yes
Outside seating: no
Alcohol: no

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